How to get there from the airport?

Get the Croatian Airlines Shuttle- Only 30 KR and it leaves every 30 minutes. This is a far better option since it gets you to the city center at a relatively low cost.

Where to stay?

Chill Hostel- It is in the center of the city. You can walk to St. Marks Church from there. The hostel is open 24 hours and has dorm and private rooms and offers free printing. There is also a bar and they organize a pub-crawl. The staff was very friendly and helpful in making recommendations on activities to do in Zagreb. The only downside is that there is no free breakfast, there’s a 3PM check-in and the Wi-Fi can be a bit spotty. It’s still a great place to meet people and I’d stay here again when in Zagreb because of the great location and friendly staff. I recommend Chill Hostel as a good hostel in Zagreb.

Chillout Hostel
Chillout Hostel

There are many things to see in Zagreb:

I had an opportunity to visit the Museum of Broken Relationships. I know the name sounds a bit strange but it’s worth a visit for only 30KR. You will hear all kinds of stories about relationships that went wrong with an item from the relationship. There was one event of a guy who gave an axe. You’re probably wondering was he some crazy ex boyfriend? Well, his girlfriend was breaking up with him and left all her furniture there. She went out of town for a few weeks and he used the axe to damage her furniture. She ended up coming back and saw all of the damaged furniture and just left.

St Marks Church was spectacular. I never had seen a design like it and was shocked to see. Seeing it inspired me to look at the Naïve Art Museum. It is the oldest museum of Naïve in the world and there are around 80 paintings for you to view. It costs 20KR to enter the museum and it’s worth a look.

Bars in Zagreb

Was at the hostel and met a few Americans one of whom was a Youtuber. He basically makes money by running a youtube channel called #ExplorewithMax. In my first evening, I got a chance to check out a bar in Zagreb called Hemmingways. We had a few shots from the American guy named Cosmo. He is traveling around Europe and currently living in Zagreb. They had a long list of cocktails which some were unavailable. I ordered the cuba libre which came out fine. If you are looking for cocktails in the centre of town, you can give this place a try. The next venue we checked out after this one was History. The top floor was open and had tv screens playing sports games. There were local beers on draft and to go to the downstairs aree you had to pay a cover of 20 KR per person. We checked out the downstairs area and it was a bit smoky inside. Most of the bars in Zagreb allow cigarette smoke just so you know. Afterwards, we decided to call it a night.

2nd Day

I checked out Foursquare again and found a restaurant named Konoba Didovsan that was serving frog on the menu.

Konoba Didovsan
Konoba Didovsan

This was my first time eating frog and the restaurant was known for its food so I decided to take a chance. Max caught some of my thoughts on it which I will send once he uploads the video. Personally, I would eat frog again. It had some bacon on it which gave more flavor and the grill also gave it a charcoal taste which was delicious. It was bony like eating a chicken wing and fatty. You have to make an effort for every piece of the frog meat but it’s 100% worth trying.

                                                                                                Frog Legs

                                                                                                Frog Legs

It also came with a side of potatoes. Would I have frog again? Yes. Overall, the restaurant was great and the staff was attentive. The wine was also cheap for only 14KR. It definitely was one of the best restaurants in Zagreb I ate at.

The rest of the day was rainy so I stayed indoors mostly but then we went out for a bit with some Aussies from the hostel. One of them was taking a break from university and the other was taking time off after graduation. I like how many Aussies take breaks and travel the world. I wish we did more of it in the US.

Most of the bars in Zagreb allowed smoking so ultimately we decided on the wine bar next door called Basement. I recommend checking it out since you will have local Croatian wines and they are divided by regions so you will have plenty of variety to choose from. The staff was also great in making recommendations on the different types of wine to try. This gives the hostel huge bonus points because of its proximity to many venues in the town center.

I plan on renting a car with the youtuber tomorrow. This is actually the first time I’ve ever rented a car with someone I just met recently but in the last few days I’ve gotten a chance to know the guy and we have a lot in common when it comes to food and wine. Will update on renting car information and the trip to Zadar tomorrow. Until then see you soon!