When I was traveling around Europe, the name Budapest kept coming up on peoples’ itineraries. I had a chance to visit Budapest last year and fell in love with the city and found some fun things to do!

View of Budapest

View of Budapest

Budapest refers to buda and pest which were two cities a long time ago and later connected by a bridge. You can walk the Chain bridge and get an aerial view of the city from Gellert Hill. I recommend going there at night.

Here’s why you should visit this wonderful city:

First of all, Budapest is a walking city just like Prague. It’s easy to walk around the city and view all of the sights. For this reason, I really like Budapest! Not to mention the public transportation makes this city very accessible. You will be able to get around the city by subway if you don’t feel like walking.

I went in March to Budapest and it was a bit chilly at this time. That didn’t stop me from checking out the thermal bath. I visited Széchenyi which is near the main park of the city. You can take the subway here get off at Széchenyi fürd it’s near the station and easy to find. If you get lost, just ask someone for directions. It is the largest medicinal bath of Europe so it’s a must see. You will pay when you go inside then you will get a key and change in the locker. Daily usage is 4700 Ft for locker use. You can use the facility as long as you want. They have different thermal baths around the area. The hardest part for me was getting out of the water because it was cold. As soon as you went back into the water, it was exhilarating. There are outdoor and indoor baths as well.

I never heard of the term “ruin bar” before going to Budapest. This is basically a culture that developed in 2001. The city was going to tear down old run down buildings and some people who were thinking outside of the box decided to turn them into themed bars thus creating Budapest ruin bars. The best part about them is that there are several rooms all with different themes. They also have locally brewed beers and wine. The ruin bar that I recommend checking out is Szimpla Kert. It is one of the oldest and has a cult following.

Budapest ruin bars are fun!

Budapest ruin bars are fun!

Near Szimpla Kert there is a Hungarian food truck area which you can try tasty dishes from the region. I was surprised to find out about the street food scene in Budapest.

If you are looking for a place to sleep in Budapest, I recommend staying at the Maverick Lodge near Szimpla Kert. It’s literally a few minutes walk to there. I found this hostel randomly walking down the street on my second night in Budapest. They have a pub crawl in the evenings and the staff are very friendly. I stayed in their private room but they also have dorms available. The hostel is also very clean and they have computers with printers downstairs! Very convenient if you have any RyanAir flights scheduled.

If you get a chance, definitely visit Budapest. If you are looking for fun things to do in Budapest definitely follow my suggestions. Budapest has a bit of everything to suit any kind of traveler. Whether you prefer outdoor activities or nightlife, you will find it in Budapest.