Want to try the best ramen in Tokyo? Last week, I got a chance to try Michelin Star Ramen in Tokyo, Japan. I had heard about the restaurant from a friend located in Sugamo Station on the JR Yamanote line; the entry access is easy at this station.

     The key for Tsuta is getting up early in the morning to secure your ticket. Get there by 7AM and don’t become concerned if you do not obtain a ticket. Furthermore, it is crucial to make sure you bring 1,000 yen for a ticket deposit. You will get your money back once you return to the restaurant. The ticket gives you many time slots to choose from within the hours of their service. The restaurant is open from 11:30AM-4PM.

Got my ticket to visit Tsuta Ramen Restaurant

Got my ticket to visit Tsuta Ramen Restaurant

     My time slot was at 12:30pm and once I arrived, I showed my ticket, and received the deposit back. I went with a friend but we were not able to sit next to each other. Not sure how they do the seating, but it was okay since I was more focused on trying the Ramen.

     After about 15 minutes standing in the line and watching a German TV production set up, we were happily seated in the restaurant. Once I was inside, I noticed the vending machine, which had various options of Ramen, and also the awards the restaurant garnered. It was a Michelin winner two years in a row very impressive.

Ramen Vending Machine in Japan

Ramen Vending Machine in Japan

I decided to order the Black Truffle Ramen. For the restaurant being Michelin, I was surprised to find out the prices weren’t too high.  I watched the expert chefs prepare the dish in a very professional manner. Once my bowl of Ramen arrived, I was not disappointed at the least. I’m no Ramen expert but I can tell you that from the different varieties of Ramen I’ve had in Tokyo this was one of the best. The broth was very rich in flavor and the truffle gave it a nutty and woody flavor along with the lean pork meat. I admit that I was in RAMEN HEAVEN!!!

Black Truffle Ramen has arrived!

I quickly gobbled up and slurped away the delicious Black Truffle Ramen. Found the phrase on my phone “go chi so sa ma” for delicious meal in Japanese. Then I was told to leave by the chef. I know it wasn’t his fault as he thought I was on my phone wasting time, but remember this phrase before going. You will be expected to leave the restaurant once you finish your meal!

Would I come back to this restaurant again? Undeniably and I would love to try the other Ramen dishes there so look out for another post on different Ramen I try at Tsuta Ramen. This is definitely the best ramen in Tokyo!

If you are in Tokyo for a short visit or live here, I highly recommend visiting this amazing restaurant! Just be sure to get their early and secure your seat.

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