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The reasons people go travelling vary – to tick off places on their bucket list, to visit far-away friends and family, or to party hard. But from time to time, all travellers will look for a bit of peace and quiet – somewhere to sit back, relax and reflect on their experiences so far. For when that moment comes, we’ve picked five of the quietest, most relaxing places you can visit. Check them out

1.  Seychelles

The Seychelles boasts 115 islands – of which just 30 are inhabited. How much easier could it be to get away from the crowds? Here, you’ll easily be able to find a quiet beach retreat where you can only hear the sounds of the sea. Although the Seychelles is known for luxurious – and expensive – accommodation, it’s possible to experience a slice of island life without breaking the bank. For tips on where to stay, how to get around and eat on a budget, check out this guide from So Many Miles.

2.  Pontresina, Switzerland

In a quest to prove that quiet doesn’t mean boring, Quiet Rev Highlights the Swiss town of Pontresina as a great place to go. Once the snow has gone, and the skiers head off, you’ll be able to take a cable car up the mountains to hike through pine forests and appreciate the long valley views in peace. With more than 350 miles of trails, you’ll have much of the great area to yourself.

Funicular Railway Aussichtspunkt

Funicular Railway Aussichtspunkt

3.  Ithaca, Greece

The Greek island of Ithaca is the perfect place to slow down and relax. There are fewer than one thousand permanent residents on the island, and it’s not as popular as other places in Greece. And you can get around by foot a lot of the time, navigating your way down ancient footpaths that connect quaint villages. Pick a spot alongside the crystal clear blue waters and enjoy the serenity.

4.  Malaysia

If you’ve spent too long partying in Southeast Asia, there’s no better place to give your mind and body a rest than Malaysia. You’ll get similar tropical weather and amazing beaches, but without the endless buzzing atmosphere and typical traveller communities who just want to party in Thailand. Instead, you’ll have the time to appreciate local cuisine, wildlife and way of life at your own pace.

Boh Tea Plantation Cameron Highlands

Boh Tea Plantation Cameron Highlands

5.  Puros, Namibia

If it’s true isolation you’re after, the Secret Traveller says Puros is the place for you. It’s a tiny outpost in the north-west of Namibia with a few huts, a small campsite, a local settlement of Himba tribespeople, and the odd desert elephant. Nevertheless, it’s a truly incredible place and offers you something few places can.

Where have you visited to enjoy some peace and quiet? Share your suggestions with us.