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Raohe Night Market- More Tasty Nightmarket Eats!

Raohe Night Market- More Tasty Nightmarket Eats!

This continues Part 2 of travelling.eats post about the nightmarkets in Taipei.

Looking where to eat in Taipei? This post will look at good food in Taipei!

Raohe Night Market felt like a completely different planet. The main entrance is next to a giant beautiful temple that people crown in front to take a picture. There is a giant sign at the entrance that makes you feel like you are entering Disney World (minus the overweight Americans). Right as I walked in I saw the long line for the famous Pepper Pork Buns. My heart was a little discouraged but I waited anyways. The line moves pretty quickly so in no time I was holding a piping hot bun in a piece of parchment paper. Seriously, there is just no comparison. The pork buns are cooked in a tandoori style oven so the bottoms of the buns are a little burnt and perfectly crunchy. The dough is flaky like a croissant dough but oh so soft and delicious. Then we get to the filling! These buns are stuffed with pork that has been HEAVILY season with pepper, and then receive a generous helping of scallions, or green onions. They are juicy, tender, flaky and have the most perfect kick. I have been back home for over a week now and I still find myself thinking about that magical bun.

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