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Recently, I had a 24 hour lay over in Budapest and thought I’d just stay in the hotel and get ready for my next flight. One of my travel buddies made a suggestion that I should check out a hot spring while in Budapest. After arriving to Budapest from a 14 hour flight from Tokyo connecting in Doha, I decided to visit the Gellert Spa. When I was in Budapest the previous time, I visited the main hot spring called Szechenyi which had outdoor spas. The reason I chose the Gellert Spa was because they had a few indoor spas. I got myself ready and decided to make the trip over to the spa. I was staying at the airport hotel and took a taxi. After a conversation with my taxi driver about Hungarian food, he mentioned a fish soup restaurant to try some local food. That would be my plan after the spa and an evening of sleep before my flight to Prague the next evening.

1- Gellert Spa

Gellert Spa in Budapest

Gellert Spa in Budapest

Gellert Spa was an incredible experience. The entrance fee is 5,700 HF which includes loker. I didn’t bring a swimsuit with me so I had to rent them along with a towel. You will have to pay an additional deposit which will be refunded when you return it. The payment can be made with cash or credit card.

I tried three different spas in temperatures ranging from 30-36 degrees Celsius. I hopped around the three different baths for a couple of hours. When I would want a warmer temperature, I would go to the hotter bath and vice versa. Make sure to drink water. That’s how I spent my afternoon and was very relaxed after that I felt I could sleep.

2- Szeged Étterem


After the hot spa, I went over to the fish soup restaurant that the taxi driver recommended. The server recommend the cat fish soup which he said had no bones and some bread which he guaranteed would have me full. I also ordered Hungarian white wine. The soup came our very quickly my guess is the stock had already been prepared. It was very delicious and the serving of fish was very large! I was so full afterwards and thanked the server for his recommendation.

3- Palack Borbar

Once I left the restaurant, it was very cold and I wanted to find a place to drink. I found a wine bar near the fish soup restaurant.

I warmed up quickly and tried a local Hungarian craft lager. It was very tasty and tasted stronger could it have been because of spending the day in the hot spring? Later, I asked the kind server in the restaurant to call me a taxi back to my hotel since it was freezing cold outside and I couldn’t bear to walk out there.

Local craft Lager

Local craft Lager

When I got to the hotel, I went straight to sleep and in time to catch my morning flight to Prague the next morning. 


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Gellert Spa

Palack Borbor