Greetings to all the readers of our NomadLifestyle Blog. I wanted to write an article away from the traveling and cooking and kind of focus on our lifestyle blog. Both Mike and I have traveled to so many countries that it dawned on me about a couple of good products you should never leave home without before you embark on your enchanted journey somewhere around the world. Now, what I have to write about is mainly for those who are going to travel or are living in some hot and humid country. For example, I live in Medellin, Colombia and it is pretty hot here. I mean its 30c (86º)everyday and walking about in the daytime kicks your ass in this type of heat. I know some of you are going to say "86 degrees is hot for you!" and believe me...I lived in Arizona during the summer for many years (well not really since I was more of a snowbird during the summer months and fled back to my beautiful California). 

Living in hot weather sucks and I believe all of your can agree on that. Now, the whole lifestyle part of this blog is about self-enrichment and self-development and I want to share with you something that tackles both those issues. I want to talk about learning to stay fresh all day and smell good through the night. I want to talk about Gold Bond body powder with Menthol. Here is what is quoted from the website of Gold Bond:

Gold Bond Powders

Trusted for generations, Gold Bond Medicated Body Powder's triple action formula is a blend of two medically proven ingredients combined with the finest powder and essential oils. Our unique formula works hard to cool and soothe skin while absorbing excess moisture and stopping the itch. Gold Bond Body Powder is medicated to work hard, yet gentle enough to be used every day.

Now, what is great about Gold Bond Powders is that it can be applied anywhere on the body and if you are living in a hot environment or are going to travel to a hot humid environment, be sure to pick up this special magic because it will literally make you feel like 10,000 angles are blowing on your skin. I say this because you want to avoid smelly, sweaty itchy skin and Gold Bond will help you tackle the unwanted feeling that you're really sweaty. You want to feel fresh all day, do you not? When I travel, I stay in hostels and I dread the fact that I might bunk with that smelly someone and 4 times out of 5, that is usually the case. I think that if everyone got the word out in this world to use this on their body, then I can finally bunk next to someone who has that beautiful scent of 10,000 angles breathing on you. But I'm not here to promote the product or neither am I trying to change the world, no, I am here to tell you the reader, that if your are not using this product or others similar to it, then you need to upgrade your lifestyle and use it. It should be apart of you just like eating healthy should be part of your daily diet. Besides, wouldn't you also like that you will evade the deadly 'swamp-ass' from walking around all day? Of course you do! Oh and this can also be used for women too, its not just for men since Shaquille O'Neal is currently the face of the product, nope, women can use it too. Also, for those of you who have excessive oily skin like 'Muah', then you can use the upgraded Extra Strength version.

Gold Bond Powders

Bottom line people, if your not using this, then get in your car or walk to your nearest Walmart and pick some up. Lastly, if you are planning to travel outside your country to a hot and humid place...never leave home without it. Take it with you because your bunk partners will thank you, your partner/partner will thank you and last but not least your body will thank you. Thank You!

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