This week I got a chance to interview Konsus which is a hot new start up company.

Konsus allows people to work remotely giving them access to location independent jobs. It is an on-demand freelancer platform based in Oslo and Palo Alto. Konsus recently raised 1.5 million in seed money. The owners are Fredrik Thomassen and Sondre Rasch. In addition, Konsus is one of the companies that hire freelance writers. This is also an area I've wanted to learn about with copy writing.

Konsus- Location Independent Jobs

Konsus- Location Independent Jobs

Here is my interview with Konsus:

How long has Konsus been established?

Konsus launched in Oslo, Norway in late august 2015. We moved to the United States for attending Y Combinator in January 2016, and after raising our seed-round here after YC, we’re here to stay. 

What skills does Konsus require in hiring freelancers?

The way we hire is using tests. So for each skill category, in the application itself, there are some tests you take – cognitive, language, personality – and of course the most important thing, which is the test task. Tasks based on a real life request, where the freelancer get to show their skill. 

What types of freelancing opportunities do you have available?

We hire freelance graphic designers, web designers, writers, researchers, presentation designers and data entry specialists.

How is the flexibility of hours with Konsus?

In general there is full flexibility. That said, when you’re on a project you’ve accepted, then you have to meet those commitments. 

What is the hourly pay like?

 It varies by the skill category, but $15 to $20 per hour is the most common.  

Why should a freelancer work with Konsus and not another one? 

 Firstly, you have a steady stream of possible projects, and don’t have to spend time bidding or interviewing for them. Secondly you get paid on time, and don’t have to manage the client (unless you’re a project manager). Most importantly though, Konsus is not just a freelancer market place, it’s a collaborative community, where we work, learn and grow together.

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Founders of Konsus

Founders of Konsus