Today, we have a guest post from our friends at Travelkiosk which have designed an app that combines a travel blog and social media.


One trend and one phenomenon. Travel blogs, and social media. These two changed the way a lot of people live. Today, there are so many travel blogs out there, sharing lists of top exotic destinations, dreamy pictures and amazingly written articles. Simultaneously, there is the social media phenomenon: where people go beyond just sharing their pictures and memories, and connect with one another.

Well, what would you think of a mobile application that played both roles?

 We are not bluffing, it does exist. It’s Travelkiosk. This app, available on iOS and Android, combines the best of both worlds. In this article, we will lay out all the amazing elements Travelkiosk combines.

Travelkiosk is built on user interactions, both on social media and through an app.

On social media, one can browse and “rince their eyes” with pictures of different destinations around the globe. By using the specialised hashtag #travelkiosk , users can increase the chance of their pictures being selected and reposted by Travelkiosk teams on their networks. The content Travelkiosk shares with their users and followers on social media is very diversed: from curated articles that our teams believe you might find interesting, to extremely beautiful pictures, or inspirational quotes like you all love them, and of course, a description of a typical day in a specific city.

By using the Travelkiosk application, users create their own profile, and like on every other social media, upload their favorite profile and cover picture. They can follow and be followed by other users. Messages can also be exchange between them. Travelkiosk’s app has an amazing feature that is also a competitive advantage compared to its competitors. Before traveling to an unknown country, users can prepare their trip in advance. They can save the places they would love to visit. But it is not only that. Travelkiosk took its trip planner a step further. As you might not be connected to the Internet at all times when abroad, you can download your travel preparation and have an offline access to it. Users who travel to a country, can recommend their favorite location by creating tickets, and sharing comments.

To show you that Travelkiosk thinks of you, it even worked on its business partnerships to get you amazing discounts and offers all over the world ! How great is that ? I personally ask you to check for them everywhere you go. Travelkiosk will always surprise you with great deals.

All in all, if I were to describe Travelkiosk in a few sentences I would say the following:

For the general audience, Travelkiosk is like a travel blog, or a notebook full of amazing destination, And for airport and airline staff, it is more than that, it is a book of discounts and offers.

So whether you work thousands of feet from the Earth, or not, follow Travelkiosk, your key to Discovery !

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