Hello blog viewers. This week we have a special interview with ExplorewithMax who has a minimalist lifestyle blog. I got a chance to meet him when I was in Croatia at a hostel. The hostel was in Zagreb and we got into a conversation about traveling down the coast of Croatia. Max also wanted to do the trip and we both ended up renting a car and traveling down the coast together. It was an epic trip as we both discovered the beauty of Croatia and met fascinating people along the way. During my trip, I learned that Max is a freelance photographer and also has a Youtube channel. Max has traveled to many countries chronicling his experiences on his Youtube channel and Instagram. I thought it'd be a great idea to feature him on the blog.Here's our interview:



1.     Could you briefly tell us about yourself?

Ohh god, where to start, well my name is Theodore Maxamillian Chesnut, but you can call me Max, Teddy, or EXPLOREWITHMAX. I am a travel & lifestyle YouTuber & Instagramer based out of Seattle. My goal here is to help fellow travelers & explores maximize their first or next trip to make sure they make the most out of their travel experience. So I hope to have you come follow along and be apart of my community.

2.       When did you first start traveling?

I first started traveling with my parents when I was like 2 years old going on family trips out to Hawaii or up to Canada, but I’m guessing what you mean is really traveling. I really started to travel on my own & explore the world a month out of High School when I decided to move to Osaka, Japan to avoid the traditional college route. That's where the travel bug really took affect and from there I have traveled all over from Iceland, to most of Europe and now currently in Sydney for the next week or two.

3.     When did you become interested in photography?

I originally got into Photography during my last year of High School, but didn’t really fall in love with it until Japan, where I stumbled into an amazing job as a fashion photographer & writer for a small magazine called En-Vie that kept me in Osaka till my visa & money ran out. Sense then I have been stuck behind a lens until recently, when I started to create videos for #EXPLOREWITHMAX for YouTube to share my travel knowledge & inspire others to go out and explore. 

4.     When did you create Explorewithmax?

I Created #EXPLOREWITHMAX A little over 6 months ago before my last big trip around Europe, I wanted it to be a platform to share my experiences and images i created along the way, but sense then it has evolved into something more. Where I am now focused on creative helpful resources for first time time travelers and dreamers who want to go out in the world and explore it.

5.     What interested you in creating ExplorewithMax?

The creators who really sparked the inspiration where YouTubers like Casey Neistat, Mr. Ben Brown, Steve Booker, and my good friends over at Budget Backpackers. I make sure to keep up to date with them all, because in some way or another I pull bits and pieces from their show to help form mine. 

6.     Since you created your Youtube channel, which countries have you traveled to?

Since starting I have been lucky enough to travel to Iceland, UK, France, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Bosnia, Poland, and now Australia!

7.     What have been your favorite moments in your travels?

That is such a hard question to answer, but if I had to give a few that have stolen the cake its either my time in Iceland with an amazing group of friends, or finding my favorite lunch spot ever in Paris while getting lost. Also a huge shout out to Prague for steeling my heart when it comes to drinking and The Hemingway Bar!

8.      If you could recommend one of your videos from your channel to our viewers, which one would it be?

Well I would actually recommend a few new videos that are coming out here very soon, they are focused on tips and tricks for the new traveler, like “The best travel camera” and fun videos like “Aussie vs American slang”. These videos should be coming out fairly soon and will be focused on getting more people interested and planing for their next trip.

9.     Why these particular videos?

Well these videos should be coming out fairly soon & will be focused on getting more people interested and planing for their next trip. My goal with #Explorewithmax has always been to inspire, educate, & be a killer resource for those of you out there wanting to travel.

10. What companies have you worked with since you started your channel?

I have worked with Wow Airline, Peace Vans, Mavenhal, Power Practical, & few more on the way.

11. Are you able to make money while traveling?

Yeah, my main forum of income is through private contacts, but now I have started to make money though my website with print sales, merchandise, & now brand spotlights. Now any product I do work with, I have to genuinely love and think it would be beneficial to my viewers/followers. I would never want to be a sell out to a brand just for the $$$. I actually want to give you guys great recommendations. While talking about it, you should definitely come over to Maxchesnut.com and check out all the cool stuff for sale & come subscribe on IG and YT to keep up to date.

12.  If someone wanted to create a Youtube channel, what kind of advice would you give them starting out? 

The best bit of advice I can give to you is GO OUT AND DO IT!!!!! Don’t wait around for the perfect moment or the right set of circumstances, but actually pick your stuff up, record a video, edit it and put it out there. Your first videos will suck, but you will get better if you keep at it and give YouTube 150%!

13.  What plans do you have for 2016?

Well my plans right now for 2016 involve enjoying my time here in Sydney with friends, then getting ready to head back to Iceland, spend some time in Canada during the summer, and focus all my energy in growing my channel and sharing some amazing adventures/advice along the way. I would love to have you all come along and join in on the fun!!!!

Remember to:

Explore with passion,

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Be sure to check out more of Matt on his minimalist lifestyle blog. More photos from ExploreWithMax:

Shot taken by ExploreWithMax

Shot taken by ExploreWithMax

Max cliff diving in Croatia

Max cliff diving in Croatia

Shot taken in Iceland by ExploreWithMax

Shot taken in Iceland by ExploreWithMax