International Sim Cards

International Sim Cards

Travelling is one of the utter enjoyments of life that not only broadens your mind, changes your worldview and educates you but also depending on your goals, might open up new doors to reaching higher steps in your career.

However, travelling requires lots of arrangements and preparations to be made which will make it go smooth and without any problems. In order for you to feel comfortable while travelling one of the main things to consider, among all other well-known packing and booking chores, is, of course, the choice of a SIM card.

When you travel you need to keep contact with your relatives, friends, loved ones or business partners and this might be a problem if you don’t have a high-quality SIM card that will be too costly neither for you nor for those who might call you.

Staying in tune in our fast-paced tech era is crucial, especially when you are not at a close reach from the people you’d like to keep contact with. International SIM cards are there to make your life much easier during travelling. They are cheaper and they come at hand when you are moving from country to country.

However, there is a wide variety of international SIM cards available now and choosing one might be one of a complicated task.

So as to make your SIM card selection process much easier we have made a list of certain criteria which you should take into consideration when buying an international SIM card. If the latter meets the below-listed criteria then chances are you have acquired a high-standard SIM card!

Important Criteria to Consider When Buying an International SIM Card

#1 International Roaming for Free

Make sure you know for sure which countries are covered with free incoming calls by the SIM card provider and with what frequency new places are added.

In any case make sure your international SIM card has free international roaming for your country of visit.

#2 Coverage

Some international SIM cards come with coverage meant only for a few countries while others can even provide coverage for over 200 countries across different regions. Some are meant for Europe only, others are worldwide covering. When buying an international SIM card think long-term i.e. consider all the destinations you plan to go to in the future and make sure that your card has coverage for all the areas you will visit.

It’s better to have one international SIM card with a wide range of coverage than several ones which you might happen to lose or get confused in.

#3 Expiration Dates

Don’t go for those cards that come with short expiry dates of the credit. This will mean not only having to top up quite often but also losing unused airtime. Companies that offer SIM cards with expiration dates after 30 days should be avoided.

Those who travel often should especially avoid this because it’s always good to have the same number for ease of contact preservation with your friends, relatives and business partners.

Note: A good company will provide its customers with alternative and fast ways of topping up your card. This will help you save time as well as avoid having to look for top up shops on your journeys.

#4 Ability to Be Used as a Data SIM

So that you don’t have to switch SIM cards often make sure your international SIM card has the ability to be used in a portable Wi-Fi device.

#5 High-Quality Calls

If you pay for an international SIM card and experience calls that are cut amidst or the voice of the person you are talking to is not heard clearly then what’s the use of it? The high quality of a call is usually determined by the company’s infrastructure.

Phone network providers that come with tier 1 carriers are the most preferable ones as they will ensure you have both a high quality signal and good connectivity. The latter two features are the basis for smooth calls, texting and online surfing.

#6 SIM Card Size

SIM cards come in three sizes:

·      Standard

·      Micro

·      Nano

When choosing between them be sure to buy the one that fits your handset.

#7 The Phone Number

The range of phone numbers varies from company to company. Some SIM cards may offer many numbers on one SIM which means you can get a UK, USA or an Eastern European number. Choose one that is the most convenient for those who’ll call you as well as whom you will call.

Keep in mind to choose a number with simple and easy-to-memorize digits.

#8 Customer-Oriented Policy

Make sure the company that you bought an international SIM card from has customer support and help services that function 24/7. You never know when you’ll need a quick help that’s being sure the company will be available for you is crucial. Also check out the company’s social activity to see if they might be available on social networks as well.

Any high-quality company will have not only guides for customer-help but also a 24/7 customer support service.

Having a high-quality international SIM card is the best choice in terms of staying connected with “your society.” Local SIM cards of your host country are not recommended as they are expensive, not only for you but for those who call you as well, besides some countries won’t let you have one unless you are a citizen, among these are India and China.

International SIM cards are the wisest way of “always being in tune” while travelling. They are great for all kinds of travelers:

·      Business travelers

·      Those who own a home base and make a couple of short trips a year

·      “Intense travelers” who rush from country to country

·      Those who stay in other countries long-term

Enjoy your travel to the fullest with the best international SIM cards!

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