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If you are like most people you think that “someday” you will travel the world. You think once you are established, have a fat checking account, and a wallet full of credit cards you will see all the places you dream of. Let us challenge you to change your thought process.

When you are broke, struggling to make ends meet and in a dead-end job that you hate, you are at a perfect place in life to take the leap. You are not leaving a career you took years to build. You don’t have a mortgage or a family that is depending on you. You are free!

Do you need money?

Sure. Nothing in life is free. But there are a lot of opportunities out there for the people who have the courage to reach for the golden ring. Live the life of a free-spirit. It is perfectly possible to work waiting tables for tips, hire yourself out as a house sitter, travel with a family where you trade childcare services for travel expenses.

The point is getting from point A to point B. Then you will decide how to get to point C. There are always services needed. House repairs, delivery services, painting, driving someone who is unable. You can run ads on Craigslist for jobs that pay cash (like helping people to their seats at concerts). You may even discover talents and loves that you never considered.

Be prepared

Take a childcare course. Check with your local Red Cross facility for free CPR and first aid classes. If you are going to hire out as an assistant to a family who travels via private jet, first read “10 Dos & Don’ts of Flying in a Private Jet with Kids.”

If you are going to a new city, familiarize yourself with the area with maps, internet searches, and blogs. Know what to expect in the area. If you are traveling to an area that grows a lot of fruit or veggies, it is probably pretty easy to work on someone's farm in exchange for lodging and traveling pocket money.

What if you get stuck?

Life is life no matter where you are. If you travel to an area and find it is difficult to be there, do what you would do here. Move on to the next town, stick it out until you have traveling money to go, and hang in there.

Learn to live cheap

Take with you a good backpack, sleeping bag, and emergency plans. There are fold up tarps that can be made into a makeshift shelter if you find you need to camp out a night or two. Break it down to what you absolutely must have and keep that as your goal. As long as you have a meal, water, and a place to lay your head, you are good for right now.


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Why take a chance?

You only live once. There is a whole world out there that you will never experience unless you try. Driving through a city or flying over a city is not experiencing it. Get past the tourist mindset. Explore the real world. Learn about how real people live in other places. You have the ability to go.

Being broke, carefree, and healthy is all you need. If you have the courage to make it happen, the world is waiting for you.

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