This week I got an opportunity to interview the Travelators who have a couple travel blog. Below I got to learn more about their travel experiences which span many countries. Their blog is about budget travel.

1.    Where are you from?

Katherine grew up in outback Australia, near a little town called Wilcannia in New South Wales. Tom grew up much closer to the ocean in a seaside town called Victor Harbor in South Australia. After living in Adelaide for many years, we now call Melbourne home.

2.    Could you tell me briefly about yourself?

We are lucky enough to have travelled to over 65 countries across the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Back in Australia, Tom works as a travel agent and Katherine is a policy officer for an NGO. We both love sport, great TV, brunch, coffee and cheese. We have never aimed to travel indefinitely as we miss our life at home too much! Instead, we make Australia our base. We try to take a couple of short overseas trips a year when we are working, then a big break every few years.

3.    What inspired you to travel?

We met in high school on a study trip to China.  Don’t ask us to say anything in Chinese, because we can’t remember a thing! But this is probably where our love of travel began. We tested the waters with a 3-month trip to Europe together during university. It was a steep learning curve but we loved it, and decided there was much more of the world we wanted to see. 

4.    How long have you been traveling?

We have been travelling together since 2007. At the moment, we are on a 12-month trip from India to Paris. This trip has taken us through some amazing places like Nepal, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Iran and Armenia.

5.    How would you describe the way that you travel? Do you stay in a city for a long period of time or visit many cities in a short period of time? Why?

We are budget travelers, but we aren’t super tight with money. We travel with backpacks, stay in hostels and rarely jump on organised tours, but we are also happy to splurge on the odd bucket-list experience or a treat meal. We move relatively quickly, usually 3-4 nights in each city, as we are not travelling indefinitely. We usually only have a set period of time for our holidays before we have to go back to work, so we try to fit in quite a few destinations each trip.

6.    What are some of your favorite countries traveling? Why?

Our favourite countries to travel in are probably Argentina, Scotland, Mongolia and Nepal. It’s a pretty eclectic mix because it’s hard to pick a favourite! Katherine tends to prefer big open spaces, whereas Tom enjoys visiting beautiful cities. We usually try to include a combination on our trips so we can enjoy the best of both worlds. 

7.    What are some of your best experiences traveling?

Our most rewarding travel experience was climbing to Mount Everest Base Camp. It was tough but it was definitely worth the effort! We also loved staying in a traditional ger in Mongolia, even though the food was pretty rough. But for history and a good party, you can’t beat the Baltics – Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

8.    Are you able to support yourself traveling from an online business? If so what kind of business?


9.    Do you have a blog? If so, what topics do you discuss?

Yes we do! Our blog is The Travelators ( We talk all about juggling careers with a love of travel. We also have plenty of budget travel destination guides and tips, with plenty of practical stuff to help make your trip even more awesome.

10. Since both of you might have different preferences when it comes to travel, how do you manage it while traveling?

We try to make sure our trip includes a mix of cities and nature. For example, in Korea we spent about half of our time hiking and the other half in cities. If one of us needs a change of scenery, we just make sure we tell each other. Travelling as a couple is all about compromise!

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On Everest Base Camp

On Everest Base Camp

In Iran

In Iran

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal