This week I got to interview one of the best travel blogs for women: Midori Obsessions. She has a wealth of experience of traveling in Europe and various other countries around the world. Find out more about her blog in my interview!

1.     Where are you from?

I live in beautiful, sunny Barcelona, but I’m from (also beautiful but not that sunny) San Sebastian.

2.     Could you tell me briefly about yourself?

My name is Midori and I love travelling, music and croissants. I never check luggage when I travel and I can't live without Google Maps. I get obsessed with things that I love and I even had once a CD with only one song in a loop.

Bon Jovi, Lord Byron and Dracula have marked my childhood. Russian literature, Sundance Festival and French cinema my teen years and I'll never be over Jordan Catalano.

Obsessions is where I store all things that speed up my heart and fill me with energy.

3.     What inspired you to travel?

Life! I think I would die without travelling. It makes all sacrifices worth!

4.     How long have you been traveling?

My parents are big travelers and I started travelling with them at the age of 6. I haven’t stop since then.

5.     How would you describe the way that you travel? Do you stay in a city for a long period of time or visit many cities in a short period of time? Why?

When I was younger I used to move to cities rather than travel to those cities. (I’ve been leaving in Germany, Italy, France and England) And then make weekend gateways from those cities (thank you low cost airlines!). Now I have a “serious” job and I can’t travel as much as before but I can allow myself to do “bigger” travels. I used to visit as much as I could. But I have finally learn that less is better.

6.     What are some of your favorite countries traveling? Why?

One of my absolute favorite trips was Romania. The country is just magic and has still its authenticity intact. Mexico is also breathtaking, so powerful and intense. And then, you won’t believe it, since is so close to Barcelona, but I’m totally in love with Menorca. Is just my personal paradise.

7.     What are some of your best experiences traveling?

They have to do with meeting local people and experience the real life of the country. I remember especially when I was travelling through the north of China and there were no tourists and it was very difficult to visit many of the highlights of the area on your own. At the tourist office, they offered me to join a local group but warning me that everything would be in Chinese. I didn’t mind it at all as long as I could visit the region. I met a lovely young couple at the tour and they helped me with everything and translated to me the whole day. They were so kind and some days after they sent me all the beautiful pictures they took of me. They made my trip!

8.     Are you able to support yourself traveling from an online business?

No, I have a “regular” job and I don’t really have much time to put into my blog.

9.     Do you have a blog ? If so, what topics do you discuss?

Yes, I talk about travel, music and lifestyle.

10. Growing up in a beautiful country like Spain must have been interesting. Did you get a chance to do a lot of domestic travel through Spain? What were some of your favorite places?

Actually I haven't travel a lot through my country. I guess is typical, no? We usually want to know other countries rather than our own. But I remember when an old Italian boyfriend came to visit me and wanted to discover my region: the Basque country. We spend 3 weeks visiting every corner of it, and is really beautiful (and has amazing food everywhere).

11.  What kind of advice would you give to others who have a full-time job but want to travel? What are some of the challenges you have faced planning a trip with a full-time job and how did you overcome it? (scheduling, taking the days off, etc?)

The biggest problem is squeezing your limited holidays to the fullest. I always organize a big trip (2 weeks) and then many smaller ones during the year. I try to avoid peak season fro the big trip, to avoid crowded places and paying too much. For the small ones I try to profit from bank holidays, easter holidays, etc. to get the most days without "wasting" my limited days off a year.  When I travel for work I always take the advantage of it and extend my visit for a couple of days more. Is important to be open minded regarding the destination, I'm always checking pages offering cheap flights and often chose the destination based on that.

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Midori in Bremen, Germany

Midori in Bremen, Germany

Midori in Copenhagen

Midori in Copenhagen

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Midori in the Carpathian