This week I got a chance to interview the solo traveler @awandereratheart on Instagram. He has been solo traveling since 2012 and has much experience on off the beaten path destinations. His family has also inspired his views on travel. Check out more about Danny in my interview:

1.   Where are you from?


2.   Could you tell me briefly about yourself?

Born and raised in Singapore but moved to Vancouver (Canada) in   2012. It changed my life and represented that first step toward my path as an avid traveler and aspiring digital nomad.

Into traveling and outdoor adventures and hope to master French, Japanese and German eventually. Aim to travel to at least 50 countries by age of 35.

I have always enjoyed traveling but it was going on exchange in the UK (late September 2015) that made me discover this passion and ignited the idea of venturing on the pathway of a digital nomad/travel blogger.

3.   What inspired you to travel?

My parents used to own a travel agency back home and I would constantly drop by and got to witness first hand their day-to-day business operations. My mum would also bring my brother and I to different places for vacation (Los Angeles, Tokyo, Toronto, Sydney and Melbourne for example).

I have also always been a curious and independent person. So traveling is not only suited for me but also feeds my curiosity about this planet.

Moving to Vancouver for university was one of the greatest life-changing experiences for me. It gives more even more opportunities to travel. Then, I went on an exchange program organized by my university in   the UK last year, which ignited that passion for travel and became the inspiration behind the path to travel blogging as mentioned before.

4.   How long have you been traveling?

For at least 10 years now (including family vacations). But I started traveling solo back in 2012.

5.   How would you describe the way that you travel?                                 

Checking out the main sightseeing spots in each city and country is a must. But once I am done with that, I would ultimately want to explore the interior of each country to discover the hidden gems, especially places that are less touristy because they tend to offer a more authentic experience and perspective of the local culture.                                                                        

6. Do you stay in a city for a long period of time or visit many cities in a short period of time? Why?

It really depends on what the purpose of my trip is and where I am travelling to. If I have friends that are able to host me, I would probably stay in the city longer (partly to save on accommodation).

But even so, I generally try to give myself at least two to three days to explore each city if I am not really in a rush. Traveling is more than just taking pictures to show that you are there.

7.   What are some of your favorite countries traveling? Why?

Japan – the country itself has always had a good mix of modernity and tradition and incorporated many elements of foreign cultures and products to make them uniquely Japanese. You see this in their architectural style, language, culture and entertainment. Their ability to preserve their language and culture to this day while adapting to globalization is admirable. It also somehow stands out from Asia in terms of culture and history.

France – the French take great pride in what they do (i.e. cuisine, fashion), which is amazing. They also have a ‘live and let live’ (joie de vivre) lifestyle that is great especially if you come from countries that lead stressful lives.

Morocco – it is one of the handful of less developed countries that I have visited. I saw first hand how happy and simple-minded many Moroccans were in spite of their socio-economic problems. And it is a very affordable country to live in as well!

Portugal – it is somehow different from the rest of Western Europe. Many old buildings are still well preserved and the Portuguese people I have met are very warm and friendly

Canada – a very welcoming country to immigrants and also offer plenty of beautiful natural landscapes

8.   What are some of your best experiences traveling?

Venice (Italy) – learning how to actually row a gondola myself instead of just paying them to do it for me. It was not that difficult to master honestly!

Sahara Desert (Morocco) – this has always been on my bucket list. Riding on the camels for an hour and a half to our tent for the night while watching the sunset was a surreal feeling. The next morning, we caught the sunrise took the jeep (I sat at the top of the jeep) back through the sand dunes!

9.   Are you able to support yourself traveling from an online business? If so what kind of business?

I just started out this year and am actually still in the process of having my blog business set up.

10.   Do you have a blog ? If so, what topics do you discuss?

Yes, it’s still not fully operational yet. It will mainly cover my travel experiences and tips. Anyhow, do stay tuned for that!

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Learning how to row a gondola

Learning how to row a gondola

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle