This week I got a chance to interview Sliva to find out more about their exciting blog about travel and recreation. The two have traveled extensively and have great stories to share with you.

1.     Where are you from?

From Slovenia. A small country from Central Europe with a bit of everything: the Alps, the Adriatic Sea, some beautiful historic cities, lakes, etc.

2.     Could you tell me briefly about yourselves?

There are 2 of us behind the Sliva blog: Urška and Matic. We both like to travel and spent quite some time living abroad. Sliva is our free time project which reflects our values: travel, outdoor activities, as well as technology. Matic tends to surf, and we both ski, trail run, or ride a mountain bike whenever possible. And we mix it all into our blog!

3.     What inspired you to travel?

Once we started, we couldn't stop it. We started with little trips long before knowing each other, then we went to student exchange (Spain and Finland) and spent some longer time abroad. After that, we got addicted to it, so.. :) Now, we mix outdoor sports activities into pretty much all of our free time travels, or sometimes even when doing some business related travels. We love to spend time outdoors, and when on travels, it just gives us so much more of an adventure to go hiking or something similar.

4.     How long have you been traveling?

Seriously travelling since 2010. We did some short trips before as well, but since 2010 we tend to spend at least a few months away from home every year.

5.     How do you plan your trips?

We tend to find some basic information about what can be visited in a particular destination, search for the flight tickets, and that's it. Sometimes we book some place to sleep in advance, sometimes not even that. We believe that travelling is learning about the destination, and the later you plan, the better it is, because you learned more about the destination. We also wrote a blogpost about it.

6.     How do you go about finding a place to travel?

It really depends. Sometimes, we have to go somewhere for work, and then take some extra time to explore the destination. Once or twice per year, we tend to make a long-distance move to some other part of the world. Where we do sightseeing, trying local food and do some sports. For these trips, we decide based on our “wish list” which is quite long, heh :) Interesting that this list mainly contains the places where it's also possible to do some sort of outdoor activities, such as surfing, hiking, skiing, etc. For the rest of the time, we tend to explore around the place where we are based at that moment. It's good for the budget, and there is something beautiful that the nature has to offer, pretty much everywhere.

7.     How would you describe the way that you travel? Do you stay in a city for a long period of time or visit many cities in a short period of time? Why?

A mixture, as described under the previous question. We tend to base somewhere for a few months, and explore the surroundings on shorter trips. But on the other hand, visiting beautiful places like Azores is a constant adventure that lasts a few weeks – like holiday trip. And we love that just as much as longer stays abroad.

8.     What are some of your favorite countries traveling? Why?

Azores (Portugal) are our favourite. The nature and the feeling that the whole place is somewhat distant from all that blazing-fast world. Sitting somewhere in the middle of the Ocean, with all that beautiful nature and all those activities to do. We also like Spain in general, and spent a lot of time there. As of the cities, we definitely recommend you to visit Bordeaux and Porto. Those two city are not that huge and they offer really everything form the city life to more calm places like park and river banks.

9.     What are some of your best experiences traveling?

Camping in the wild, somewhere in the woods of Canary Islands. We purchased a small cheap tent when there, rented a car, and it was just magic :)

10. Are you able to support yourself traveling from an online business? If so what kind of business?

No, not really. We both support our traveling from our salaries. Although we are lucky enough that we don't need to spend the whole year in the office so, we can travel and work remotely, or sometimes even have to go somewhere because of work.

11. Do you have a blog ? If so, what topics do you discuss?

Yes, sure! The blog is and we write about outdoor travel adventures. It's what we believe is the best way of spending free time: adventure through outdoor activities and travel.

12. What has been the best part of running your blog?

So far, we want to share what we learned on the way. We searched the internet for some things, such as how to travel across Sri Lanka for example, and couldn't find it. It was daunting and took us some unpleasant exploration on-site when there, but as we found it, it was just somewhat of a pleasant experience to write about it in a “been there, done that” style. We hope to build a database of this kind of answers on our blog from our experience, to make life easier for our readers.

Photos from Sliva's Journeys:



Beautiful Background

Beautiful Background