Looking for a mobile travel app? Find out about these top three!

Looking for a travel app?

Looking for a travel app?

Today’s guest blogger is Kevin Wiens who works for 14 Oranges, a software company based in British Columbia, Canada. Kevin's personal blog can be located at www.escapeyourelement.com. Mobile apps can provide tools that greatly enhance your travel experience, wherever you are in the world. Here is Kevin’s take on mobile apps while traveling.

Traveling the world is nothing new. Ever since mankind could walk, people have found ways to get from A to B. Now, what makes traveling easier? People have consistently innovated ways to improve travel capabilities, from the wheel to the boat, and even planes. But we are now in a new era of travel innovation. This new era, we shall call it, is the mobile app era.

Here are 3 of the best mobile apps you can use to improve your travel experience, take stress off your planning, and make for a far more enjoyable vacation.

1.     Before you leave: Skyscanner
This app does it all. Skyscanner ensures that you get the cheapest flights all by pushing a button. Best of all, it appeals to all types of travelers! For those who plan ahead, there is a section for you. Last minute traveler? They have you covered with the best deals on short notice (spontaneity is fun!). This highly navigable app is so user-friendly it takes the stress right out of trip planning.
P.s. Skyscanner also has hotel listings and car hiring!

2.     When you land: CityMapper
This app is your mobility buddy for any trip. Applicable in many global cities, such as Tokyo, Istanbul, London, and etc., CityMapper will provide you with every option for mobility you could ask for. Not only does it include schedules of all modes of public transportation (bus, sky trains, subways, etc.), it also provides you with biking routes and car-sharing programs, such as Car2go. In addition, it provides you with night bus schedules so you can find a safe way home after going out for a few drinks. This app is extremely versatile and should be in your pocket at all times when abroad!

3.     What to eat: Yelp
This one may be obvious. But cmon, when you have to eat three meals a day, why not do it right? Read reviews from locals, tourists, and more with the Yelp app and make sure you experience the taste of each and every country. In my personal experience, I have found Yelp ratings to be fair and accurate. With this being said, I would not advise relying on Yelp for every meal. Part of what makes traveling fun is going with the flow, asking locals, and finding hidden gems.

I hope you enjoyed my guest piece on mobile apps for traveling. If you are interested in developing a mobile app, look no further than www.14oranges.com!